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A construction industry driven by quality

A construction industry driven by quality

Rework is a massive problem when it comes to the construction industry - one that costs trillions of dollars. Our Quality Assurance software is an essential mechanism to prevent the painstaking task of reworking—saving you time and money down the track.

       CONQA is repositioning QA by rising above the structural complexity of the industry and the archaic systems in place, and creating a platform that increases transparency and simplifies workflows onsite to make it easy for workers to do the right thing.

       With CONQA, everything is out in the open—enabling good industry players to excel and encouraging laggers to get their house in order. We are proud to work with some of the best construction companies who make quality a priority in their business.

A quality process, a quality experience and a quality outcome results in a better quality of life for all involved. When the people on the ground get it right, everybody wins.

Today, CONQA has head offices in Australia and New Zealand and a passionate, growing team, dedicated to revolutionising and revitalising the construction industry.

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San Francisco
1390 Market Street,
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San Francisco,

CONQA was born in 2015, after mates Dan, Pete and Barney, identified a gap in the industry for a more intuitive and user-centric approach to managing QA. Engaging with site teams to identify key pain points, and then testing the platform with these same people, the boys were able to mould CONQA into a platform that truly served the construction workers it was built for.

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